In a world of folding paper, there are two sides to every story. After career choices force them along separate paths, a Teacher and Architect vow to make their long-distance relationship work at any cost. Experience both sides of their story as the couple navigates the complexities of (mis)communication and the emotional ups and downs that separation brings.

A Fold Apart is a near-perfect indie game and one every person with a beating heart should experience.

These are perplexing puzzles but they don’t become tiresome. It’s pretty too, with the beautiful background environments reflecting the mood of the characters. Everything comes together to create a game that will make you introspective, and by your interaction, really care about this small and personal story.

A Fold Apart is extremely sucessful in putting its message across, delivering a relatable and emotional insight into long-distance relationships. However there were certain aspects (mainly aesthetic) that could have been more polished.

A Fold Apart is an indie game with heart and soul, which ingeniously tells a human story. Alternating the perspectives of the two characters conveys the intention of the producers of presenting the hardships of both parties involved in a long-distance relationship. Of course, the scenario dreamt up by the developers is an idyllic one, which assumes both persons have only the best intentions. Unfortunately, taking into account the length of the game, and the lack of any replayability even the low price is too much for this indie game. Maybe an online coop would have justified it, but as it is A Fold Apart is a tremendous creative exercise, but way too short to offer a lasting experience.

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