In the year 20XX, arcades still reign supreme. Take part in a romantic comedy visual novel and get to know the eccentric residents of the local Funplex. The future is filled with love and friendship.

Arcade Spirits presents an intriguing world filled with vibrant characters and deep emotional feeling. The story is beautifully written and provides a clear path with plenty of choices along the way to really make your story unique. While there are some conversations that repeat depending on choices made the game flows smoothly. All in all, it is a truly enjoyable story with plenty of little treasures for fans of both modern and classic gaming.

At first glance, Arcade Spirits may appear to be only fun and pleasantly nerdy, but it is actually a visual novel packed with unexpected and heartwarming lessons. While not entirely perfect with room to increase character customization and to adjust audio consistency, Arcade Spirits demonstrates what a geeky romantic visual novel should be like. Besides the friendships and romantic relationships you develop on your journey to self-discovery, it also teaches the player a lesson on not giving up on your dreams. Despite how cheesy this may sound, sometimes all we need is a lighthearted dating sim to remind us of what truly matters.

While it does not do anything radically new with the visual novel style, Arcade Spirits has plenty of charm and personality to make it a worthy addition to the genre. Now to imagine a world where ET the video game didn’t completely suck. What a happy place that must be.

Arcade Spirits is a visual novel with a diverse set of characters to romance or befriend. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, but the characters are charming and the vibrant arcade setting offers a fun nostalgic feel. The storyline offers plenty of heartfelt moments that will make you really care about many of the characters and want to play through multiple times. While it’s a simple game, it’s definitely one that’s worth your time.

Overall the writing, though at times clumsily reference-heavy, generally feels emotionally sincere, and playing through character conflict with this charismatic cast2 gives us (an extra) life. If you’re burned out on mainstream VNs, this is a perfect palate cleanser.

Arcade Spirits is an interesting story about video games and personal relationships. It is also a good entry point for the visual novel genre, so, if it catches your eye, give it a try.

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