Below is a classic rogue tale with moody graphics and Kinect technology. You’ll scour the open world in search of rare and special loot while battling the malevolent Darkness, an AI-controlled character which uses Kinect to sense and change level progression based on the rooms surroundings.

Below is a unique experience that blends some of the most popular gameplay mechanics seen this generation into a hauntingly beautiful and ferocious journey of death, redemption and survival. Even with the new Explore Mode making the game more accessible, Below’s obtuse nature won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but the process of discovering and mastering the game’s numerous systems is a vastly enjoyable one.

By listening to players and critics alike Capybara improved the game design on basically every level, with the result of Below finally being the good game it could have been the first time around.

Below is an accomplished dungeon crawler with the very welcome addition of explorer mode. By no means perfect, but wonderfully atmospheric with a lovely Jim Guthrie soundtrack.

Under its air of independent play, Below contains an adventure with unexpected richness and especially without concession.

Below rises as a experimental roguelite with charming graphics and exquisite soundtrack. However, its mechanics quickly become too demanding for inexpert players.

Below is a niche title if there ever was one. Beautiful, haunting, and downright demanding of the player, it’s a game of little victories. Explore mode is only moderately easier, but it does make this a bit easier to grasp for those who aren’t particularly adept at dungeon crawlers. However, the price of death feels too steep, and it’s hard to recommend Below to anyone who isn’t a diehard fan of the genre. It’s very good, but definitely not a good first dungeon crawler.

Unfortunately, neither mode really does a good job of giving you a real reason to progress deeper. The combat, though weighty and satisfying, gets monotonous fairly quickly. The motivation to explore is almost entirely up to you, as the game really doesn’t see fit to tell you much. Yes, the environments are gorgeous, but Below winds up having the opposite problem of many games, in that there isn’t enough hand-holding. We found ourselves constantly craving more information, only for Below to not provide it.

Its one of the best games I have ever played.
It flips the common focus of rogue-likes (the ones with ASCII graphics) in complexity of mechanics to atmosphere and mood. The basic mechanics of rogue-likes are there, but the mood and mystery are the focus here

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