Command & Conquer and Red Alert are both remastered in 4K by the former Westwood Studios team members. Includes all 3 expansions, rebuilt multiplayer, a modernized UI, Map Editor, bonus footage gallery, and over 7 hours of remastered music.

This remaster is a winner. It’s a stellar package, and hopefully a template for what is to come. The minor shortcomings are all due to the age of this title – but this is an old game. You have to take it for what it is – a glorious little piece of history. In presenting that, this is a practically flawless release – but the old-fashioned, less friendly design in places will mean this one isn’t quite for everyone.

An amazing game, it was a great release, everybody MUST play this amazing game. Nice work by Petroglyph / EA.

EA and Petroglyph Games have created something truly incredible for fans of the series and the RTS genre.

The Command & Conquer saga was crying out for a remastering and is finally in our hands. A reissue of the classic RTS where the possibilities and hours of fun seem endless under a careful interface and a perfect regression to a saga that already has twenty-five years behind it.

Just keep up the good work Give us more remasters And our pockets will be opened.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection manages and compensates to the millimeter each of the euros that its acquisition costs. And wins a glorious battle with weapons of all kinds. It is the most comfortable, complete, accessible and colorful way to approach a cult saga whose first games represent some of the best RTS in history. And the war will be long. With mods, maps, multiplayer, extras.

Graphics Remaster 10 (looks great)
Video Remaster 6 (It is a shame they did not have the original videos)
Music Remaster 10 (This is just amazing!)
Gameplay Remaster 9 (Good old C&C fun with a new interface, only AI path could be better)
Extra Content 9 (Great extra content that I have not seen, played or listened to)

Final Score 8.8 (Worth the money and great fun with a big dose of nostalgia)

To understand my excitement, you have to put yourself in my shoes, As a white 16 year old South African coming out of the apartheid years in isolation. Flying to Europe for the first time to travel the Netherlands, France, Belgium and England on a 4-week trip. When in London I walked down Oxford street and walk past this massive music and game store. In the window is this new game from the creators of Dune. A game I played, and we could not buy in South Africa. Begging and convincing my sister that we should scrape every penny together to buy Command & Conquer (she still teases me to this day – I chose a game rather than explore London more). On the plane back to South Africa I read the manual over and over. Got home, hardly greeted my parents, installed Command & Conquer and played through the night until I could not keep my eyes open anymore.

Supported every Command and Conquer game since. I still long for just that type of game-play, music, atmosphere. Later years I ran 7 consecutive gaming competitions with Command & Conquer & Battle for Middle Earth at the South African RAGE (Really Awesome Gaming Expo).

C&C 4 was so bad that I have yet to finish the game to this day!

It was thus with suspicion that I approached this C&C Tiberian Dawn remaster. Could EA ruin this again with their greed and corporate culture and modern micro transaction monetization?

Luckily the producer, Jim Vassella in charge of this did not and he stayed in contact with the community and understood what we wanted.

This is a classic game with some of its original faults improved so that you can enjoy the original experience and tap into the nostalgia. From the upgrading of the original installation sequences to the AI path finding issues this is true to what the original Command and Conquer and Red Alert games were with some much-needed graphics and UI improvements.

The star however of this game is the music. It is amazing crisp and hard hitting. Better than the original. The music alone is worth the price. Frank Klepacki and the Tiberian Sons are great.

Thank you to the community, the developers and the people that supported brought this into high definition so that I can enjoy a past experience with some modern conveniences.

May this be the start of some good things to come.

Music, gameplay and nostalgia level are all awesome. The picture quality of the cut scenes is horrible, therefore a 9 and not a 10.

For those looking for something that symbolizes how far the industry has come, Command & Conquer Remaster Collection can serve as that reminder. Retro graphics and audio components don’t detract from the experience. Indeed, they enhance it, highlighting the artistic choice of its developers in a time when 3D titles were still in their infancy. The game is worth experiencing for everyone.

I cherish the memory of playing Command & Conquer 25 years ago, and yet was surprised to find myself getting frustrated at the slog of completing some of the missions in the first game’s campaign. But, given the choice, I still wouldn’t change a thing about this remaster.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection goes back to memory, with two of the most iconic games from the ’90, but this operation only shows the evolution made by the RTS.

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