Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition elevates the RPG to new levels, including add-on content and new features. Join Prince Noctis and his closest friends as they fight against the empire in an effort to take back their fallen kingdom.

Final Fantasy XV is a must play for this end of the year. It features a concise narrative storyline but a massive amount of side quests in a huge open world to elevate the game’s longevity beyond a hundred hours.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition and the integrated Royal Pack is an enjoyable expansion making it the definitive edition to play Final Fantasy XV. That is until we get its true “complete edition” in the future.

This is the definitiv FF15 experience the main character cast is one of the most human ones in gaming, they are total relatable in their emotions and struggles and you can easily understand what everyone is going trough. Yoko Shimomura known from the Kingdom Hearts series outdid herself with some of her best Soundtracks she ever created in this game. This all packed within an engaging and sometimes Breathtaking Story is a must play in my opinion !

It’s true: the game is not perfect; the characters may seem quite obvious; this is not the mainstream FF game. If the game is like 13, it is “too linear”; if the game is like 12, it is due to “the story was about politics and I didn’t understand it”; If the game is like 10, it is because “7 is the greatest FF. I’m old school and 7 is the BeSt OnE”.

I get it. It won’t always be perfect. The negative part of this game was MAYBE the lack of storyline (i saw in it great potential) and DEFNITELY Square Enix milking profits with the launching multiple DLC’s to complete the game (they solved this with royal edition but meh that was dishonest I think).

The positives? One of the greatest soundtracks imo. I loved fighting in this game and really enjoyed the battle system (despite the messy camera sometimes). The story (with DLC’s) I guess it is sufficient but something that has space for improvement in the next FF game. Overall a good game.

Although I appreciate what the Royal Pack has brought to the lore of Insomnia, its paltry additions may only appeal to the most hardcore fans who don’t mind replaying the definitive edition of a single chapter. If you’ve never played Final Fantasy XV, the Royal Edition or Windows Edition, both of which have all the DLC – including the character episodes and bonus content not present in the Royal Pack.

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