Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade includes 3 of the most underrated and incredible arcade shooters ever created. Although G-Darius is disappointingly absent, what you get is one super-fun collection that features some truly innovative HUD options.

Darius Cozmic Collection is a piece of history for shmup fans. The collection includes a full catalog of the series that allows you to experience some titles that weren’t easily accessible before this release. While I wish there was more history featured in the collection, it was a blast playing these games again, or for the first time.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is fun, rewarding and a massive nostalgia trip. The soundtrack is amazing as are your game options when playing this group of great shoot ’em ups. I would have perhaps liked other titles instead of copies of the same game but hey, you can’t have everything.

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade is a rock solid collection of Taito classic shooters in one package that can be listed more premium than casual fans may be willing to pay.

Darius Cozmic Collection does offer a lot of enjoyment for fans of shmups, regardless of which version is played. It can be criticized for being a cash grab attempt for splitting the arcade and console titles into two separate collections when combining them into one would still be comparable to many other retro collections. But those complaints aside, each collection does a good job at preserving an authentic classic Darius experience as there is something inherently fun about teaming up with a buddy to blast some robot fish. The Darius games aren’t readily available on too many other formats so it’s nice to finally be able to enjoy them on modern consoles. During the review process both collections were enjoyable, but if you were to only get one, the recommendation would go to the Arcade version unless you have specific nostalgic feelings for a console title like Darius Twin.

This collection of classic arcade shoot ’em ups really just boils down to three unique games and while each one is well-presented here and offers some great old-school action, the asking price for this compilation seems a bit much, especially when it isn’t the complete collection that it pretends to be.

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