On his epic journey through 1870s USA and Mexico, John Cooper will have to take responsibility for mistakes that have been made in the past. On his quest for redemption, Cooper joins forces with the runaway bride Kate O’Hara, shady Arthur “Doc” McCoy, the giant trapper Hector and a mysterious lady from New Orleans. They make their way from the mountains of Colorado to the heart of Louisiana, then finally to New Mexico, right back into Cooper’s past.

You take control of this ragtag band becoming a highly functional group of unlikely heroes and heroines. The leader of his team is Cooper, drifter and gunslinger, who can kill quietly with a knife or take out multiple foes with his revolvers. Strongman Hector carries a giant beartrap and can slay the toughest opponents with his trusty axe. Cold-blooded bounty hunter McCoy likes to be methodical, using lures, knockout gas, poison syringes and a custom long-range pistol. Kate can fool almost any man with the right outfit and kill discretely with her hidden gun.

Combine your specialists to overcome tough challenges in many different ways. Plan your moves wisely and execute them perfectly in real-time to sneak past your enemies while remaining undetected.

The Desperados franchise has a solid and faithful cohort of fans but a decade and change is a long time to wait between games, so it makes sense to start with the origin, making it appeal to newly-converted lovers of the genre jonesing for a horse opera since the heady days of Red Dead 2. Desperados 3 is nothing like the overwrought and action-packed Red Dead, of course, but it replaces gunplay with the constant suspense that comes with well-made stealth and challenging puzzles, and taking a more satiric tone than the generally serious Rockstar product. Patient and creative fans of stealth games will enjoy Desperados 3 quite a lot, whether they’re into the genre or not.

From its effective narration to the depth of its gameplay, through its replayability and its challenges, Desperados III achieves almost flawlessness, and, if you are fans of the genre, we can only advise you to go for it.

Desperados III is very similar to Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun but that game was so good I don’t mind. The new character’s abilities are very unique and there is plenty of content and replayability. Fans of stealth and strategy need these games in their lives.

Desperados 3 brings a compelling Wild West story telling the origins of John Cooper and his gang. Each mission is brimming with life and atmosphere and offers a real challenge. With up to six characters, each with their own abilities, there are many different styles of play possible. The game is certainly challenging but offers a lot of replayability and value for money.

Fussin’ and a feudin’ aside, if you possess the requisite patience levels and a methodical mind, Desperadoes III can quickly go from being an O.K. Corral to a great one. This is especially true if you’re replaying it for those bonus objectives and you actually know how the West was won.

The game’s writing is so sharply detailed that characters come to be defined by more than just their unique skills and abilities, and you come to know them more as they open up about themselves depending on the mission.

Desperados III’s Wild West setting makes for a charming backdrop, and the well-balanced, varied cast of bounty hunters means that each mission can be seen off in multiple, equally rewarding ways. But while the blend of refined real-time strategy mechanics and ever-escalating challenge will surely appeal to fans of the genre, novices could be perplexed by the often unforgiving difficulty and occasionally finicky rules.

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