KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO is a magical realist adventure game about a secret highway running through the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it. At twilight in Kentucky, as bird songs give way to the choir of frogs and insects, familiar roads become strange, and it’s easy to get lost. Those who are already lost may find their way to a secret highway winding through underground caves. The people who live and work along this highway are themselves a little strange at first, but soon seem familiar: the aging driver making the last delivery for a doomed antique shop; the young woman who fixes obsolete TVs surrounded by ghosts; the child and his giant eagle companion; the robot musicians; the invisible power company lurking everywhere, and the threadbare communities who struggle against its grip.

Kentucky Route Zero begins on the road and expands to dozens of stories, all of them unforgettable. A must-play mystery and surreal adventure that took almost 10 years to be complete and has defined the ways of telling stories in video games, influencing many different titles.

Kentucky Route Zero is lost in the illusive premise of the American Dream but found in the elusive dream logic of its weird, wild, and wonderful prose. Through it all are characters who conceal pain and loss with whimsical musings of hope and escape and locations engulfed in a meditative haze where brutal reality is indistinguishable from isolated reverie. At the end lies a paradox that suggests a circuitous path was the shortest course to an inevitable destination, and the assurance that Kentucky Route Zero’s seven-year voyage knew its direction all along.

Even with a downright cavalcade of triumphs, Kentucky Route Zero’s strongest asset is its ability to redefine itself from episode to episode. The deeper your journey goes, the stranger things get, but the more they make sense too. While the game will definitely be a bit too bizarre and densely obtuse for some, this is a game unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Kentucky Route Zero is a rare video game that is able to find magic in the mundane, transforming a seemingly routine truck delivery into a fantastical odyssey through the heartland of Americana. There really isn’t anything else quite like it.

Kentucky Route Zero is a game for those who are happy to slowly digest the measured nuances of a text heavy, but visually stunning and thought provoking adventure. Narrative weirdness abounds but it is anchored by a cast of charming and gentle characters who you will grow to love.

I’m usually a huge fan of games like this, and had heard a lot praise for it, so i was excited to hear that this game was finally coming to PS4. Sadly Kentucky Route Zero does not live up to it’s hype. It’s basic to the point of feeling like a budget mobile phone game, and has very little atmosphere. The dialogue is pretty poor and nothing about the story or characters really draws you in. Some of the scenes are done in a very beautiful art style, but unfortunately a lot of the games story is just text on the map screen, which makes it feel like you’re playing a game from the 1980’s…not in a good way. If you want a game in this style that really delivers, try: Oxenfree, Firewatch, Night In The Woods, Even Everybodys Gone To The Rapture feels like it has more gameplay and that game is very basic. The difference is, Rapture has a great story, fantastic characters who are very well voiced by a talented cast and an incredible soundtrack. Basically your money could be spent better elsewhere.

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