Challenge yourselves in this hard-boiled co-op arcade shooter! Run, jump, and take cover in the mayhem-filled streets of the future. Kill the henchmen, take their guns, and Huntdown the leaders! Collect the bounty, level by level, and make a healthy living by making living unhealthy.

Huntdown delivers nail-biting boss battles, exceptional music, a slick design, and fast-paced combat. It’s a throwback to a time where games did a lot with a little, while testing players’ skill the whole way through. Admittedly, the difficulty (unless players want to drop it down to easy) is going to be a turn off, but most will find the checkpoint system forgiving enough. For our money, the punishment made the victory all the more satisfying.

“He was a man since he was a boy”. This IS the best and most entertaining arcade shooter I’ve ever played! The graphics, music, sound effects and smooth game-play is excellent! It brings so many good memories back from my youth playing games in the arcades and watching badass action movies like Robocop, Blade Runner, The Warriors, Escape from NY, Terminator etc. Lots of great one liners from both the protagonists and bosses/minions makes you laugh out loud!

Huntdown is, quite simply, one of the best side-scrolling shooters I’ve ever played. Incredible retro pixel art, generous local co-op, a stonking frame rate and an addictive game play loop that had me coming back for more; Huntdown is the total package.

Huntdown is a nihilistic, loud, explosive, even obnoxious arcade shooter. But behind its acid comic style and vulgar tone lies a superb, meticulously crafted action experience, packed with creative and addictive carnage, at a breakneck pace, for an agreeable price. Heed the warning: Do Not Sleep on Huntdown. It’s an absolute blast.

Huntdown is an ode to the gloriously violent and ridiculous action movies of the 80s, revelling in cheesy one-liners, larger than life characters, and wanton bloodshed. It’s challenging but largely fair, with some thrilling boss encounters that require a variety of tactics to bring to justice. The thumping soundtrack and beautiful 16-bit aesthetic are just the icing on the cake, like a perfectly delivered “Stick around!” after Arnie pins an enemy to the wall with an expertly thrown blade.

Rarely have we felt as ridiculously cool as when we are playing Huntdown. Everything from graphics and music to gameplay is top-notch and every level is packed with non-stop and often hilarious action. Sure, the graphics may be a bit chaotic at times, and sometimes it feels like luck plays a bigger role than skills. But overall, Huntdown is a fantastic shooter in a beautiful retro package.

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