Enter a surreal adventure where puzzles are built from dreams and memories. Solve the mystery behind an ancient artifact. Advance through a world that transforms around you. Transcend this existence. Charm Games brings you Form, a surreal adventure that unfolds within the confines of the human mind.

FORM takes us to another world, halfway between dream and metaphysics. The developers nail the feeling of interacting with every object in the game and present us with interesting puzzles. It is too short, though, more akin to a demo or a concept than a full game.

Short but beautifully mysterious puzzle-trip into a world full of bizarre machines. FORM is visually stunning puzzle game that completely transports you to an oneiric world in VR. It’s short, but it’s worth it.

Puzzle design in VR is great and controls with PS Move work fine, but FORM is short, and we’d love to see more on the exploration and storyline side.

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