Fury Unleashed is an action platformer where you shoot your way through the pages of an ever-changing comic book. Take advantage of unique combo system to unleash your fury and become a whirling tornado of destruction. Discover why your creator doubted in you and prove him wrong.

Fury Unleashed is a superb rogue-lite where your skills grow alongside your character’s. Stringing together a long combo is rewarding in itself but also rewarded by making Fury more powerful, in theory helping you continue the combo. High level play will be something to behold.

Like Dead Cells before it, Fury Unleashed is one of those roguelikes that is hard to put down, as you know the next run will only give you a better shot making more progress to unlock new comics, gear, and ultimately a better chance at taking down the final boss. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, whether you’re playing solo or co-op.

Fury Unleashed is one of the best indie games of 2020, and one of the most excellent examples of the roguelite genre this generation. While it may be on the short side, this action co-op title should satisfy fans of Metal Slug and then some. Cool comic-inspired visuals, an inspiring story, and compelling moment-to-moment gameplay make this a stellar shooter.

Fury Unleashed is a very nice rogue-lite that enjoys a dynamic gameplay, lots of weapons ans bosses, and even a very well made storyline. A future hit once we get the promised coop mode.

Though it doesn’t reinvent the rogeulike genre, Fury Unleashed makes a name for itself through its comic book style and action-heavy combo system that relies on agile shooting and swift thinking.

Fury Unleashed is fun if you are a fan of games like Binding of Isaac. It offers non-stop action and challenges you to become better after each failure. The randomly generated levels keep you on your toes, while the different weapons, cosmetical items, and then mix and match the style of level design will make you keep coming back for more. You will thoroughly enjoy this game and you will love it even when it will frustrate you. On the other end of the scale are those who would not touch games like Dead Cells despite its gorgeous visuals. Those will consider Fury Unleashed a waste of time and not even the easier game mode might convince them otherwise.

Its biggest problem then is that it’s over all too quickly. Of course, rogue-lites are designed to be replayed over and over again. However, with just four comic books to work through, you’ll see everything Fury Unleashed has to offer much quicker than you might expect. Boss fights are randomised, but the action in between feels wholly similar. As such, it makes for a quick-fire burst of enjoyment that, on the whole, puts a smile on your face every step of the way. Just don’t expect Fury Unleashed to entice you into coming back for more.

Extremely fun, polished rogue lite game. I do hope the development team adds more comics in the future. Very addictive gameplay, especially with the ability to level up your character. My single issue with the game is that the analog control movement DOWN is extremely sluggish versus using the d-pad. Hope the development team fixes asap. Aside from that, GREAT game and well worth the $20.

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