Gears Tactics is the fast-paced, turn-based strategy game from one of the most-acclaimed video game franchises – Gears of War. Outnumbered and fighting for survival, recruit and command your squad to hunt down an evil mastermind who makes monsters.

Gears Tactics is a stellar tactics game that still manages to feel like the Gears you know and love. With a solid story, addictive RPG systems, and dozens of hours of gameplay, this is a must-play for any fans of turn-based strategy games or the Gears franchise in general.

Gears Tactics is a solid turn-based strategy game that has something for genre veterans and newcomers alike. The faster pace and more aggressive style of the game will appeal to fans of the franchise, while the tweaks to established elements, like action usage and overwatch, will also tickle the fancy of strategy fans. The brutal difficulty may be par for the genre, and while the lack of multiplayer will turn off some players, the strong campaign and post-game skirmishes will keep others interested for quite some time. Both the series and Splash Damage are relative newcomers to strategy, but they’ve done a good job of convincing people that they can handle the challenge.

Gears Tactics proves that there’s a lot more that can be done with the Gears of War IP besides just third-person shooters. The game has some pacing issues and some repetitive missions, but it’s otherwise a very engaging turn-based strategy game that should please both fans of the genre and Gears of War enthusiasts alike.

Gears Tactics it’s a great experiment that proves the versatility of the franchise Gears of War. Dismiss the chance of telling a great history of the Emergency Day and maybe it’s a little repetitive, but it’s a great first step in the turn-based strategy.

Gears Tactics tries some new things, but ultimately results in a game that’s less tactics oriented than the name suggests. It’s a competent experience, but completely whiffs on character with a lackluster story and every tool is a hammer class design. Add in repetitive mission structure and Gears Tactics is a far sight less replayable than the giants of the genre.

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