Golf With Your Friends is an entertaining, challenging, multiplayer mini golf game for up to 12 players. The game currently has 3 levels containing 18 holes each. The controls are simple and the game is designed for the user to be able to host or join a game within a few seconds.

Rich in ideas and options, Golf With Your Friends is an excellent multiplayer game with some rough edges here and there.

With a name like Golf With Your Friends, you know exactly what you are getting – taking on opponents across 18-hole courses, lowest score wins. It’s a very simple concept, but where this could be a simple golf-based game done many times before, Golf With Your Friends presents a new experience, letting us enjoy multiplayer golfing by bringing in simultaneous play and a ton of customisation options to make sure the fun doesn’t dwindle after only a few hours.

Golf With Your Friends has been playable on Steam for a few years, so it is a bit disappointing that the game has been ported over to consoles with some of its flaws. The Steam version also has a course creator that the console version doesn’t have, although Team 17 says it may arrive at some point. Still, playing with friends online and seeing all the golf balls fly down the course can certainly be fun. The game lacks the depth of many other golf games, so for enthusiasts of the genre, the title may not be up to par. But for someone looking for a laugh with friends, as a party game Golf With Your Friends is less of a whiff and can assuredly be enjoyed.

Golf With Your Friends is an enjoyable mini-golf game and definitely worth checking out if you have a good group of friends with access to Game Pass. The game is light on content (with 11 courses to choose from) and would benefit from a number of quality of life changes but there is a lot of potential here to be a great game.

Golf With Your Friends provides several different courses., It takes the traditional pace of golf and cranks it up with customizable time limits and simultaneous play for up to 12 players online or local play. The basic aim is still there although even when fine tuning your shot the mechanics do have it’s share of quirks to get the shot exactly were you want it: Getting around the course in the fewest shots possible in this mini-golf stylized game. Just watch out for the plethora of obstacles that will get in your way. Timing is crucial as is a general understanding of each courses best broach hah can be viewed by a short timed fly by to give you an intitial strategy for courses or holes you may be unfamiliar with. The courses are based on a variety of themes including pirates, museums and haunted housesat well as special courses based on other Team17 franchises including Worms and Prison Architect in the works as well as some other treats team 17 has in store for us. Along with a whole host of customization options including hats and accessories an custom colors for your golf ball., several different modes including basketball, hockey, and only snapped golf balls for custom themed games, there is more than enough content here to sunk you teeth into. After many hours of play It was obvious the shots n matter what course you were on the same exact shorts could be timed and performed over and over again. S once you obtain a proven strategy on on hole you can easily manipulate the course for a successful par or under run. The achievements are repetitive and a great deal of them will just be unlocked for simply playing. It may be a little time consuming to obtain par or under for all courses if you aren’t patient enough or familiar enough with the current hole or course and try to power your way into it blind. One failed hole will smack you with 14 strokes and remove your chance for a par or better run. There are a few holes where albatrosses can be hit 100% of the time if you have figured the strategy for that hole. Overall the game is a lot of good packed into a relatively low price of admission. I have a soft spot in my heart for any well executed golf game and Golf With Your Friends falls into that category. I just hope the course expansion is a continued support because as it sits there’s not enough here to keep you begging for more and the online portion of the game is absolutely empty so find some friends to group up with. There’s only one online achievement and it can be completed offline in a single match with 2 players so there’s really no incentive to drive people into online play. While I have my share of complaints about the game that doesn’t mean it isn’t. good game. I would highly recommend picking this one up as a fan of the genre for any owner of an Xbox One console. It should give you at least a couple days of entertainment and is a great prt game when entertaining friends and family of all ages.

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