Good Goliath is an arcade-action style game where the player is a giant battling hordes of little foes. With wave-based tower defense gameplay where players are the tower, catch, dodge and throw pitchforks, barrels, and even tiny enemies. Battle armies, mini bosses, and colossal monsters in vibrant worlds right out of a storybook. Featuring Medieval, Pirate, and Hell World, fight witches, sharks, demons and the king of the underworld himself. Good Goliath is a fun game that’s great for families and parties.

In the virtual world, being bad often feels good so if you want to stick it to a bunch of medieval villagers then you’ll love Good Goliath.

Good Goliath is short and fun but maybe a bit of a one trick pony. I did enjoy the combo system and the slight puzzle style to the oncoming enemy waves. Its graphics, environments and immersion are all top notch and as long as you do not mind just throwing stuff for a few hours and a few small issues, do not hesitate to give it a try, I enjoyed my short time with it.

Good Goliath is a well-made arcade game that I just didn’t enjoy all that much. The central mechanic of little dudes throwing things at you and you catch them and throw them back somehow made me feel angry and annoyed. Stellar artwork and design would not overcome some mechanical issues and, in the end, I was left feeling grumpy.

Good Goliath does what it sets out to do; it’s a simple VR game with an arcade flavour and easy to learn controls. It’s accessible, and that’s good, but it’s also very basic, and that’s bad. The moment to moment gameplay can often feel frustrating as you simply duck and dodge incoming objects and throw them back, but in the boss fights it gives you a glimpse of the technical skill and excellent design that the team is capable of. If Good Goliath had been a boss rush only game it would be far easier to recommend, but it’s sadly just a little too limited to be worth your time if you’ve played much else in VR.

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