Gorn is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator. Savagely strike down an infinite supply of poorly-animated opponents with all manner of weapons – from swords, maces, and bows to nunchuks, throwing knives, massive two-handed warhammers or even your blood-soaked bare hands.

GORN is a bloody good time, arriving right at the moment when we need it most. Some strategy is hidden beneath all of the gore and carnage, though you might find yourself just dipping into GORN to bash some heads for a few minutes. While there are some technical limitations brought on by the PlayStation Camera, GORN works pretty well on the PSVR. As both a workout and a psychological enema, GORN succeeds wildly.

Gorn can be completed in roughly two and a half hours. That runtime is padded out with an Endless Mode and chasing weapon unlocks by appeasing certain in-arena objectives. What I really wanted to see was the asymmetrical Party Mode multiplayer that’s in the PC version. The basic gist: mates on controllers can team up and try to do you in using gladiator avatars who all handle like drunk Octodads. Fingers crossed this shows up in an update. For the respectable asking price, I don’t think the above situation is a deal-breaker. If you were to go out on a (severed) limb for a speculative purchase, I think you’d find Gorn represents the nicest and red-iest slice of PSVR we’ve seen in some time.

The most enjoyably one-note VR game for a long time, that turns its simplicity into a virtue and whose cathartic ultra-violence is strangely therapeutic in these difficult times.

Gorn puts you in the boots of a powerful gladiator and gives you everything you need to let loose on hapless opponents. When it’s at its best, this is a satisfying PSVR experience, offering up truly physical and cathartic action with over-the-top violence. Sadly, it does run into some problems, such as iffy movement and motion tracking problems. There’s plenty to like about this OTT title, but without these sticking points it could’ve been a real PSVR champion.

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