Dishonored, and all of its additional content – Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Void Walker’s Arsenal.

Dishonored remains one of the best stealth games of the last generation. The main story along with the inclusion of all of the add-ons can offer up to 30 hours of utterly satisfying gameplay. Combined with the improved visuals, the city of Dunwall deserves everyone’s attention.

It’s a pristine release that’s being saved from fading into history with this re-release and delivers all the content as a thank you. For the double dippers considering this, a stern word of caution. Very little has changed since you left Dunwall but if you really get a kick out of your controller talking to you then by all means, go in for the kill.

Some problems with AI, story direction and character development still exist. But nonetheless this is beautifully crafted stealth-action that delivers – also thanks to the included DLC.

While not the lavish remaster fans might have hoped for, this port of Dishonored remains a great stealth-action title, and the addition of Knives of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches only amplify that point.

While the Definitive Edition doesn’t particularly bring anything new to the table, nor does it enhance the original game as much as other titles that made the jump from last-to-current-gen, Dishonored luckily has a great foundation that helped ease this transition.

The best gameplay in its kind. It is fantastic that you can deal with any situation in the game as you want. If you suck in any stealth moment, and for example get noticed by someone, you can always fix it and get a good action moment instead of loading last save. Or even forget about any stealth and complete the game as a good action.

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