Ion Fury is a true successor to classic shooters such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood. It brings all the beloved features of the ‘90s shooters fused with modern touches such as headshots, locational damage, modern physics, widescreen, and controller support.

Ion Fury on Xbox One is more than just a retro-styled homage to a bygone era of the FPS genre, it in fact belongs in the gaming landscape of 2020 just as much as the next Halo or Call of Duty. Hardly a mere throwback, it is a reminder and wake-up call for the genre, especially when it comes to authentic and engaging level design. Ion Fury isn’t just what a FPS used to be, it’s what a FPS still ought to be.

Old gits like me will no doubt get a nostalgia rush out of Ion Fury, as for all intents and purposes it is a ‘90s game. It’s certainly a lot simpler and to the point than most modern shooters, and perhaps modern payers might not quite jive with it, but the core gameplay is fast, fun and easy to get into. Hard to beat, but easy to get into.

Ion Fury is a wonderful throwback to classic FPS games I grew up with. It hits all the right notes with its design, weapons, and pacing. I wish the technical issues were ironed out before launch, but if you go in knowing those caveats and the possibility of being fixed in the future, a good time can be had. Ion Fury was great and beefy experience that fans of Duke, Blood, and Shadow Warrior can happily put in their collection right next to those gems.

Ultimately, Ion Fury is just a disappointment on console. It would have been a nice diversion had it been at least as good as the PC version, but it’s a thoughtless port that doesn’t take console nuances into account. Even worse, it suffers from technical issues that suck even more fun out of it. Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison deserves better.

I absolutely love this game. My son bought it for me for Mother’s Day because he knows I am a huge old school shooter fan. It is everything we want in a shooter, full of secrets and easter eggs and levels that are challenging and super fun. I hope we get the new Serious Sam soon but until then this game ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended.

Game plays excellently like the PC version, its one hell of a ride! from the start to finish non stop action and gore. I got this on pc, ps4 and xbox and switch, yes! i bought 4 copies! highly recommended.

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