Video game Journalism is an art of collecting data from the different sources and presenting that data to the general public in a proper format. There are many types of journalism and includes the different format of preventing information.

Now a big question arises, video game journalism dead in 2020?

This is the right question to ask as over the decade with the rise of the Internet journalism Industry affected worse than any other industry.

If you’re thinking about starting your career as a video game journalist, then you must stay aware of these points, which I’m going to discuss here.

Let’s talk about some fact and figure:

According to the survey : after 2008, during the times of the Dotcom boom, the journalism Industry started struggling. Especially the Print Base Media, Nowaday I barely see anyone who carries new paper for reading news, as all the news is available on our mobile phones.

Later during the Dotcom boom, People were changing their way of consuming information.

Everyone is starting using the Internet as information is available with their clicks of a button. This has impacted the gaming Industry a lot many journalists lost their jobs.

But this is not the end of the story.

Print-based media is dying and almost came to an end. Sooner or later, after 2022, you are barely goona see any printed newspaper or magazine.

I want to ask you a question: how many of you are subscribed to newspapers, I guess no one.

Here is a good and band News,

Let’s first find out the bad news:

According to the data and this article in between 2008 to 2019 overall 23% drop can be measured in employment alone in the U.S. Approximately about 27000 employees, including editors, photographers, reporters, lost their jobs.

And the reason for that is the rising Internet and mobile devices through which you can access the Internet whenever and wherever you want.

Now let’s talk about good new for journalist

Although there is a considerable decline, which is fair because people are not subscribing to newspapers, and news companies are not getting any advertiser. Less profit and at last it will shut down their printing newspaper.

But the only reason and I’d say it’s an opportunity because of the Internet. Here many new jobs were created. All the big names in the journalism industry shifted to digital platforms, new job opportunities were created by the Internet today.

In video game journalism, there are many new job opportunities that were not known before.

This Concludes:

It’s not wrong to say that traditional Journalism is dead, but it’s a rising digital video game journalism with lots of new opportunities that you need to analyze and find out.

You have to upgrade yourself with attractive writing skills because the Internet is filled with distractions, and if you couldn’t retain your readers, then you’ll lose them. Video and podcasts are booming then text. It’s a hint now it’s your turn how you take this hint.

All the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram added videos and live streaming features only because the video has more engagement than text.

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