After taking a bullet during World War II and returning home to Empire Bay on leave, Sicilian immigrant Vito Scaletta discovers that his late father was indebted to a loan shark. He needs to make a lot of money fast, and thanks to his career criminal best friend Joe, soon becomes entangled with the mob. As Vito, you need to prove yourself by committing crimes of escalating reward, status, and consequence. But what happens when your motivations become less about necessity and more about greed? When having it all is not enough? For the first time ever, Mafia II: Definitive Edition packs the entire Mafia II crime drama into one HD package. HDR and 4K resolution are supported on PC as well as on PlayStation®4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles. Mafia II: Definitive Edition also benefits from improved facial animations to give cutscenes an even more cinematic feel. While technological and graphical improvements have given Empire Bay and its inhabitants a visual overhaul, Vito’s timeless story is unchanged.

As often with light remasters, Mafia II: Definitive Edition offers marginal improvements over the genuine game, making it less attractive for those who already own it. For the others, it’s a no brainer: this is the version to go for.

Mafia II Definitive Edition is still the excellent game that was on day one, with an open world not so open and a mature story. Remastering is good and the addition of all the DLC increases the contents available.

By today’s standards the shootings are too static for my taste. In combination with the annoying graphics bugs, it is difficult for me to make an unreserved recommendation. If you just want to experience an adult story again that takes itself and its character seriously, then don’t hesitate. But if you also hope for a dynamic gaming experience, there are certainly better alternatives by now.

In a sense Mafia II is more like an interactive version of Goodfellas than an open-world mob experience that could only exist as a videogame. Vito’s rise is full of twists and turns that are always interesting even when they dip into stereotype and a facsimile of the classic cinematic mob epic. The expansions do flesh out the open-world setting of Empire Bay in interesting and meaningful ways, but in the end Mafia II: Definitive Edition remains an experience where the engaging story towers above all – sitting alongside the skyline of the impressive but only skin-deep Empire Bay.

Mafia II: Definitive Edition is a remaster specially designed for nostalgic players fans of the original game. It is nice, pleasant visually speaking, the atmosphere is still efficient, until you see that some textures are poor, the animations are still stuck in 2010.

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