Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the apex predator of the seas – a terrifying SHARK! Maneater is a single player, open world action RPG (ShaRkPG) where YOU are the shark. Starting as a small shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. To do this you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies – both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to tailor the shark to their play style. This is fortunate, because to get revenge on the cruel fisherman that dismembered you will take evolving into a massive shark, an apex predator of legends. Eat. Explore. Evolve.

Maneater is a straight forward game with a novel hook (what if GTA was about a shark?) and a refusal to over complicate that idea turned it into one of the most entertaining games of the year.

An occasionally rough but always entertaining open world actioner that puts players in control of one of nature’s greatest predators, Maneater is the over the top, human chomping odyssey that many of us never knew that we wanted. Until now.

Maneater mixes ferocious combat, addictive exploration and great humour into a perfectly-sized open world where you play as a murderous shark. It’s the game we never knew that we needed.

Maneater’s unique perspective will keep you playing for a while, though the extremely repetitive mission design and lack of gameplay depth will eventually get on your nerves. The horrible framedrops, however, are hard to forgive.

It is a game that has an interesting premise and some bold ideas, with quite a few of them really working, but in the end it gets a bit boring and quite repetitive.

Maneater is very fun to play, but there is no denying that the developers failed to break from repetitiveness. It feels exciting to play as a revenge-seeking shark, but there is also a lot of wasted potential that could have made Maneater a much better game.

Don’t get us wrong, watching your shark grow from a “toddler” to a “megalodon with bone fins and electric teeth” is a sight to behold, but it ultimately doesn’t feel worth the repetitive hours that one has to put in, to say nothing of the game-crashing glitches you may encounter along the way as we did. The idea of playing as a giant shark is a good one, but Maneater just isn’t able to capitalize on it.

this is a fun unique game that does a great job of not taking itself seriously. the environments are cool, the controls are solid, and the game play is fun. i can see it getting a little repetitive over time, but I’ve been playing it in 30min to 1 hour chunks and i’m still having lots of fun. more than anything else its super refreshing to play a game with a different perspective and setting. Big props to Tripwire for making this happen. bottom line, if you are looking for a fun distraction or want to be a shark for a wile, then this is your game!

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