Obey Me is a 3D Brawler highlighting a duo of misfit demons fighting hordes of mutants, fiends and angelical machines alike. Set in the modern world, Heaven and Hell are locked in a millennial conflict for the souls of Mankind. Vanessa Held, a lowly Soul Huntress in the infernal ranks, and her Hellhound companion, Monty, will tip the balance of the war with their own hands. Roam through a city filled with peril, slashing, kicking and crushing your foes. Consuming their souls to get stronger, combining attacks, unlocking new combos, powers, and transformations.

Obey Me is a thrilling brawler with excellent co-op and awesome action. The elegance of combat will make you feel like a supreme badass, and every weapon is brutally satisfying. While the narrative did not live up to its full potential, I would love to see another adventure starring the cool punky blonde Vanessa and the hilarious hellhound Monty. Overall, this is an auspicious debut from Error 404 Game Studios.

Obey Me does a lot right to make it a fun play and entice fans of the genre in. The gameplay isn’t overly complicated but it’s still challenging. The dungeons are visually exciting and quite lengthy. They have a scoring system after each battle that will infuriate you if you don’t get the top score. However, the characters are not as endearing as the creators hoped they would be, the dungeons are repetitive, and it’s so close to being a Diablo game. well Diablo 3 is literally right there in my library. If you’re looking for a similar game to Diablo that isn’t just rehashing a game you’ve played a hundred times and you want something with a less bleak tone, then drop the $19.99 on Obey Me. Just know what to expect when you boot it up.

Obey Me is one of those indie games that you would love to like and look through its problems. But when you suffer from them long enough, it simply won’t work out. Obey Me’s flawed design might have been saved by proper game testing, but like too many indie games these days, it is oblivious to its problems. Too bad, really, as there are makings for a good co-op brawler, enhanced with a biting punk attitude.

There’s something about Obey Me that I actually quite like. Perhaps it’s in the charming way this indie duff ’em up apes many of the qualities of the Devil May Cry? Obey Me is a trier, and there’s something about cheering on an underdog, even if it means overlooking some game design missteps. If not for borderline unplayable frame rate then, this would get my recommendation, but as it is I suggest you await a comprehensive patch for PS4 before splashing your cash.

The game tells a generic oh you’re being duped into being used story, as you have the ability to absorb souls. Obey me looks really great, and on paper this game sounds amazing, this is a fairly linear game with tons of hidden paths that contain xp and collectibles, experience used to you guessed it, upgrade your characters and hound… a hound that by the way can be controlled if you chose to play in coop.. so a cool looking beat em up with a heaven and hell story, rpg elements, skill trees and different weapons being unlocked as the game progresses, different forms for your good boy to turn into… this all sounds great, but reality obey me is a chore to get through, and is plagued by performance issues, at least on the playStation 4. constant frame rate drops, which isn’t good for a game this about defeating enemies that swarm you on the screen.

the game also completely freezes and at one point corrupted and had to be updated when upgrading your character sometimes… these issues could be looked over if the fun is here.. and it just isn’t.. the combat does not feel good, its so unsatisfying that it hurts, and the game play overall is just super intuitive as weapon switching feels like a juggling act… you get a great variety of weapons here, that all have different moves and abilities, but you have to cycle through to get to one rather than press a button on the direction pad for example… and ruing battles..health drops essentially don’t exist.. leading to a game that’s too easy on easy but certain moments of the game, you be torturing yourself if you weren’t playing on easy.

The look of obey me had me excited, the great looking enemies and world, the boss fights, the potential for a good story. bt ultimately there is nothing good here aside from its art.. there are some games that you do have to put a little time into until it gets good and obey me does the opposite. it starts out with potential to be good, to a few hours in and its just kinda okay, but the sum of all its parts is a mediocre bore of an unfunny game.

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