In Overpass, the player takes control of powerful buggies and quads, scrabbling across extreme tracks and very hazardous terrain. This simulation, unique in its genre, pits the player against craggy slopes and puts their cool-headedness to the test throughout technical obstacle courses along wilderness tracks.

Overpass’s realistic physics engine requires you to keep precise and meticulous control of your speed and acceleration or you risk losing your grip and failing your crossing. You’ll need to master the technical characteristics of official reproductions of buggies and quads from iconic brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki or Arctic Cat. Differential locking, 2 or 4 drive wheels, transmission type: the player has been given all the tools they need to discover the real vehicle options that will let them adapt their driving to the terrain.
The Career mode lets you manage your buggies and quads and choose the one best adapted to each track and terrain type in order to win the competition and attract sponsors. In multi-player mode, you’ll need to know and master the slightest detail of each track in order to post the best times and show that you are truly the master of off-roading!

This title is fun and encourages you to replay tracks and get the best scores, it misses a huge opportunity with multiplayer, and while players may not care in the short run, in the long run, this could have an affect on the game and the player base.

When it comes to physics and the driving simulation it fuels, Overpass is a great off-road experience, basically unlike any other racing game. But the career mode gets stale very quickly, the tuning falls flat on its face and the fixed camera is criminally frustrating.

Overpass has something interesting ideas, but fails in its attempt to put them all together, with a flawed balance in the difficulty and not-so-believable physics. It’s a shame, because the game has a lot of personality and modes – yet, it feels frustrating.

Overpass is a double edged sword by design. All its features which would make it appealing to genre veterans – a heavy emphasis on speed control, incredibly tight controls, and demanding track design – are exactly what’ll deter most everyone else away from the title. Coupled with serious design flaws and it’s hard to recommend this racing sim to anyone but those truly passionate about the genre. All the same, they’re clearly Zordix Racing’s target audience, with little concession made to welcome newcomers. While alienating, design philosophies like this ensure Overpass has a strong identity that doesn’t pander to non-fans of the genre. Even if this is rough around the edges, its lack of handholding is quite commendable.

Overpass has a neat idea at its core, but it’s struggled to pull it off effectively. Surmounting treacherous terrain against the clock is sadly not as fun as it sounds, and you’re more likely to get frustrated by the iffy handling and strict rules. There’s the kernel of a good game here, and we don’t doubt some people will enjoy overcoming this game’s challenges, but a lack of polish where it matters most puts this game between a rock and a hard place.

There’s really no way to gild this filthy lily – Overpass is an infuriating and deeply unsatisfying experience which should be given a wide berth by anyone who values their sanity.

Reviews arent generally my thing, but with the sxs scene so close to my heart I had to chime in on this one. I thought if nothing else this game would be a good time killer, but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret……its not. Other then this game having sxs’s (ATV’s are just about useless in this game) and having farely decent obstacles, that’s where the pros to this game end. The “upgrades” dont change the appearance of your vehicle, you cant adjust suspension, change tire size, add accessories that would benefit your run. The throttle control is laughable when trying to position yourself on a line , you cant stop mid hill because it will turn into “ice” and you will slide back down, most likely tipping in the process. The physics are limiting, if you come off an obstacle or drive into even a hill to fast your buggy will stop dead and you will take damage(that’s when the hill then turns to ice and you start sliding). Basically if your buggy comes off the ground it will come to a dead stop when you land. The engine breaking is not even in the realm of where it should be, its like having the brake hanging up all the time. The difference in driveability between buggies isnt substantial enough, the lack of customization is a huge mistake(no one that owns a sxs leaves it in stock form….ever). I can do well in this game , but it’s not fun. It lacks alot, not sure it can be fixed with updates.

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