Welcome to Raccoon City, home of Umbrella and its world class biomedical research.

Capcom’s Project Resistance is a new 1 vs. 4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of Resident Evil. Unleash your inner evil as a cunning Mastermind or join the fight as one of the resourceful Survivors desperately trying to escape every obstacle the Mastermind puts in their way!

They secretly kidnap young people for the purpose of data gathering.
By forcing these youths into desperate situations, the Mastermind aims to gather valuable research data on how the subjects respond to fear. The Mastermind will not face the Survivors directly. Instead, they observe through the security cameras, setting traps to prevent their escape.

The Mastermind can observe the Survivors’ actions through the security cameras placed all around the facility.

The Mastermind can use cards to create all sorts of chaos including placing traps and vicious creatures on the map and weaponizing security cameras.

The Mastermind can take direct control of zombies and the Tyrant to attack Survivors.

A group of youths with different backgrounds who were captured by Umbrella for use in its experiments.
They only have one objective: escape. Survivors will need to use their unique skills effectively to cover each other and defeat the creatures together. Cooperation and coordination are vital to success.

[Completing Stages]
By completing objectives such as obtaining specific items, Survivors can advance to the next area. Survivors will successfully escape once they complete the third area in a level.

[Time Limits and Respawns]
When a Survivor takes too much damage, they will start dying. They will not be able to move freely while in this state, but a nearby teammate can revive them. If they fail to get help in time, they will respawn, but lose a chunk of time.

Survivors each have their own special skills. Damage reduction, healing, melee attack, hackinguse your skills effectively and escape together.

Resident Evil Resistance is a surprisingly terrific topper to its base game package. It is one of the only multiplayer games where teamwork is genuinely essential. Not only that, but playing as the Mastermind is a truly unique and empowering experience. Accessible, layered, and blood-pumping, this is a marvelous multiplayer foundation that will only get better.

As a freebie included with Resident Evil 3, you can’t really fault Resistance, but it helps that its asymmetrical multiplayer is also a lot of fun. It’s a unique take on the Resi universe and I hope it finds some longevity.

The engaging, entertaining aspects of Resident Evil: Resistance is what will keep players invested past the ridiculous and unnecessary lootbox system and now-ubiquitous XP Boosters which players can buy for real money. Despite the game’s issues with connecting players properly and a somewhat mismatched balance system, Resident Evil: Resistance is the most fun Capcom has ever let anyone have as a member of the Umbrella Corporation, and series fans who spent a lot of time in last year’s Resident Evil 2 running from Mr. X will likely find a lot of satisfaction in stomping around after players in the tyrant’s over-sized trench coat… if they can find a match, that is.

The Mastermind gets to have most of the fun in Resident Evil: Resistance, but surviving is less than a blast.

Resident Evil Resistance is wildly inconsistent. There are great ideas buried underneath abysmal balancing, annoying technical issues, and matchmaking woes. Playing as series icons like William Birkin and Mr. X is an appreciated novelty, but the routine objectives make playing as the survivors tiresome. With enough love and care, hopefully Resistance’s better ideas can rise to the surface, but right now there’s still a lot of work to be done.

I have the patience to play the game and hope for that potential to be realized, but the unbalanced kickoff and silly decisions like attaching hosting duty to masterminds is not something I expect many people to weather for long. Resident Evil Resistance could be so much more with what it has on the surface, but what’s under the hood needs some thoughtful tweaking if Resistance is indeed a cause worth fighting for.

The Resident Evil multiplayer curse continues. Resident Evil Resistance presents some promising ideas, and messing with people as the Mastermind has its moments, but unsatisfying action, clunky level design, a lack of content, and manipulative microtransactions snuff out the game’s potential. Sadly, trying to wring more than a few minutes of fun from Resident Evil Resistance is futile.

Resistance is a great multiplayer 4v1 experience where 1 person is the mastermind behind all the zombie placements and the other 4 people are survivors who have to perform a series of tasks in order to escape, there are 3 areas which must be hastily completed before the timer runs out. Teamwork is an understatement in this game, players must help one another through or failure is imminent. Solo queuing can sometimes make this a difficult task, however if solo queuing isn’t your thing then taking control over the mastermind is so much fun, trapping people in rooms whilst you take control over a zombie and rip them to shreds!

Customisation on loadouts is big in resistance, levelling up each character requires points earned from playing which results in unlocking the ability to equip more skills to your characters. There is also a lot of cosmetic items aswell, which you can get via opening cosmetic crates using earned points and completing daily/weekly challenges etc. As of now the only micro-transactions in the game are rp/xp boosters, however points are given quite generously post game so no need to go spending cash on this. There is no pay to win feature.

VERDICT: You’ve gotta appreciate this game for what it is, there are little to no bugs and the game has only just been launched which is impressive now days, characters and masterminds all feel balanced and playing with friends is a whole lot of fun. Especially in custom games if you have a full lobby of the gang online.

The only problem I have with the game at the moment is it can take a while to find people to play with, whether this is due to a low amount of players actually playing the game or not I don’t know, sometimes you can find a match in 20 seconds and sometimes it can take 3-5 minutes, other than that the game is excellent in my opinion. It’s almost like a short and sweet spin off of Dead by daylight/left 4 dead. I don’t understand why resistance isn’t better received by gamers, some people just need to give it a chance, how can anyone complain when it’s essentially a free game as Capcom could’ve sold Resident Evil 3 as a lone game for the same price and people would’ve still bought it!

It’s not fair the way people are review bombing this game because they’re angry that Capcom didn’t include things in RE3 like merc mode or a longer story… separate devs made this game… this was outsourced, and you know what folks!? They did a pretty darn good job. I think this site, in terms of user reviews, has long since lost all credibility with the gaming community as a whole. Far too much bias and salt gets in the way of GENUINE CRITIQUE!

I’m giving it a 10, it’s not a 10, it’s more like a 7, but 59 of you are saltybois.

Resident Evil: Resistance is a classic case of cash-grabbing; this game clearly piggy-backs off of the current 4-v-1 multiplayer craze, and not particularly well. Beginning players will find it frustrating: starting out at level 1 and getting matched with a room full of level 50 players meant I spent the majority of the round wiggling my sticks after the survivors decimated my cameras and rolled any monster I could put out with seemingly unlimited miniguns. Playing as a survivor yielded the same result, meaning no matter what you play as you’re not going to have much fun. Anybody sticking with the game long enough to level up won’t find themselves rewarded, either; the repetitive nature of the game and the small selection of maps will quickly wear out anyone who has made it that far. This game gets a flat 0 for the four miserable hours I spent with it, and I would recommend any fan of Resident Evil, horror games, or multiplayer games in general look elsewhere for fun.

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