A bell begins ringing incessantly in your quarters. A frantic friend paces nervously as you awaken from your undead slumber. He warns you of invading humans! It is up to you to heed his words, arm yourself for battle, and venture out into your unprotected underground home.

You are Skully, an undead skeleton whose sole purpose is to protect the dungeon he and many others call home. Along with your bat companion Imber, you will travel through sewers, lush underground nature preserves, and many other perilous environments. You will do so in the name of protecting your friends, guarding your treasures, and keeping hidden the dungeon’s deepest secrets.

Skelattack puts an unconventional twist on your classic dungeon-crawler. Instead of playing the human hero fighting his way through the dungeon, killing all the baddies and pillaging all the loot, you play as one of the dungeon’s typical skeleton NPCs. This is life (or rather, death) on the other side of the aisle: the plight of the creatures whose home is constantly under threat from those who reside above-ground.

Overall, Skelattack is a solid game that will put you to the test as much as it will mesmerize you with story and visuals. It might be a bit much for some, but the story makes the journey worth the trouble.

Skelattack is an indie platformer filled with charm, thrusting you into a beautifully designed world. It’s punishing and frustrating, yet it always gives you the tools to plot your success.

A fun action platformer with plenty of charm and some great visuals, that’s only let down by an uneven difficulty level that seems unsure exactly how hard it wants to be.

With a lovely cast of characters and a gorgeous art style, fans of challenging 2D platformers will surely love Skellatack. It’s a shame that because of some design flaws the challenge sometimes becomes frustration. Otherwise, you can clearly see there’s a lot of potential here.

Skelattack is an enjoyable game, but it doesn’t do anything particularly well. It feels like one of the first indie games that came out on XBLA, so if you’re after that simplistic but satisfying experience, make sure you check it out.

Skelattack doesn’t know what it wants to be but despite this I did end up getting just a little more enjoyment than aggravation out of it. There were two areas I simply got through rather than explored, because they just weren’t worth the annoyance, but for the most part the story and characters carried it along. It didn’t hurt that the game is short, and I beat the whole thing in a single four-hour sitting, which meant that when any one section was in danger of wearing out its welcome another was coming right along to replace it.

Skelattack is a game with good ideas but poor execiution. The mechanics are flawed and originality doesn’t exist. However, the art saves the dishes a bit and offers some charisma.

So the developer David Stanley has created a challenging and atmospheric game for the console and the PC. The plot of the title is pleasant and guides us through the different levels. Here you can immediately see where the hammer hangs. So the title starts really hard and becomes more pleasant bit by bit. Thanks to the quickly learnable skills and upgrades, we can defend ourselves against the enemies and challenges and reach the goal. However, until then you will experience some deaths. The graphics and sound are really good and complete the very positive overall impression.

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