Assume the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Come face-to-face with some of the most life-threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play as you scavenge for supplies in order to survive on this hostile island.

Though not quite stellar, Stranded Deep does a decent enough job of enabling the player to live out their castaway fantasies. It’s just something of a shame that the occasionally clumsy UI and lack of multiplayer functionality make the game a little less compelling than it needs to be. Nonetheless, those looking for island bound thrills of escaping deadly shark attacks, delving down into forgotten wrecks and living the life of an island castaway will find much to love in Stranded Deep on PS4.

Despite its questionable development status, Stranded Deep has a lot to offer. I’d welcome further development, but even in its current incarnation, this compelling survival sim is more than worth diving into.

Stranded Deep is a beautifully crafted and engaging experience for anyone who is a fan of survival games. It may not provide the same amount of replayability that games like Rust have, but the crafting and exploring mechanics are solid and fun to use. The first time that players climb out of their raft to step onto their new island home or fight off a group of hungry sharks, they will be shown how intense and rewarding Stranded Deep truly is.

It’s rarely original, occasionally frustrating, and often clumsy in execution, but when it clicks there’s a meditative vein to Stranded Deep’s grind that will make time spent indoors sunnier.

There are as many things that reward you as there are things that will burden your experience with Stranded Deep. It has the potential to be a really enjoyable game, but poor mechanics shoot itself in the foot. If you are a fan of this genre then this is another game for you. On the other hand, if you have interest in getting into survival games then do not start with this. I had a good time with Stranded Deep. I spent a good amount of time with it. Thinking about all the pros and cons together, my opinion on this game is mixed.

Definitely not perfect, but close enough. For a cheap price this little gem holds a whole lot of hours of game play. I got a motorboat, a gyro copter, and all the food and water I could wish for. The people rating this low, did not spend enough time getting to know the game mechanics. I’m fighting sharks, catching lion fish’s, living the life! 30 in-game days in, and still got PLENTY of hours to explore this game.

this feels like budgeted game, but the price is fair. there are much richer and more AAA quality of survival games. Its pitty, I was quite looking forward to it and buy it day one. I will give it another chance today again, but I think my game is over with this game.. its lower standard than I expected. edit after more hrs in. raising from 5/10 to 6/10 .. there is some joy and somehow I am coming back even if it is far from perfect. Still worth a try I think. Edit – after another days and app + 15hrs in …. 8.5/10 – it actually has depth, I am coming back to this game and really starts to enjoy it.

I am changing my mind, the game is somehow unique and although its not perfect (more tutorial will be fine, or at least more description) it really offers new experience you can not have from NO other survival game. I liked that if I was frustrated, it was because of my mistakes, not the game one. I did not have single bug, created structures are doing exactly what they should (I just did not understand how things works firsts and blame the game that water catcher is not working (it was haha) – creating water is easy once doing right things 🙂 Now I have enough water (how much i want without some effort) and some lower quality of food for every day and doing expeditions to other islands.

Oh boy, it actually is GOOD, relaxing, fun , mysterious…! For 20 Eur definitely recommended, experimenting is part of the experience. I am really happy that I did not stop to play early in game, this game offers quite a lot. I am enjoying sunny days in my new safe house and conquering at least for now small creatures and weather. There is a loot in front of me and I can not wait to play again. The game never crashed, never, so its quite done executed. Fps is sometimes and some situations lower and stutter here and there for one second and this could be improved, but its not distracting It IS unique, buy it. 8.5/10 It already gives ma back more hours of fun, than several full priced AAA games.

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