Hearts of Stone features over ten hours of new adventures and introduces new characters, powerful monsters, unique romance, and an entirely new storyline shaped by gamer choices. The expansion also introduces a new system of Runewords that significantly affects gameplay. Each Runeword impacts a different aspect of in-game mechanics and allows the players to experiment with various strategies and tactics.

Perfect in every way. One thing, however, you have to ignore: reviews that bicker over the word “expansion.” We have known for several months what this expansion entails and so it makes no sense to criticize it for “oh it doesn’t have an extra map and this is more of the same.” What does that even mean? Every expansion from every game is more of the same.

Hearts of Stone has everything you want in any continuation of Geralt’s story. It’s wonderfully paced and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Remarkable work CD Projekt.

Runs the entire gamut of human pathos with extraordinary flair and an impeccable eye for direction and dramatic impact. Hearts of Stone is a stunning journey into the very heart of darkness and beyond. An absolute must play.

The Hearts of Stone DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is rock-solid. A completely new storyline, new side quests and new areas to explore all come together in this stunning first DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A must have for all Witcher fans.

The best aspect of this DLC is its unique way to wander far from what The Witcher 3 got us used to in terms of narration. If you loved the original game, you shouldn’t miss this expansion.

Hearts of Stone can be considered as a good way to meet Geralt again. This expansion drags us into a captivating story with fascinating characters. Even though its difficulty is far from perfectly set and some additions (runewords particularly) don’t feel very useful, it’s a pleasure to be able to ride with Geralt to some new locations and accomplish a few more new side quests.

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