Those Who Remain is a psychological thriller game that takes place in Dormont, a small town in the US. Dormont appears to be a regular and typical American town at first glance, however it is cursed by a demon who shrouded everything in darkness. Most of the town’s population has been trapped inside the darkness, with no means of escape.

Those Who Remain leaves much to be desired and never pays off, no matter how many notes you read. Sure, there’s a decent narrative to discover within the game’s dark themes, but that is overshadowed by the sloppy structure and poor control scheme. It’s a shame because I really felt like there would be some kind of pay off at the end of this supernatural mystery, but I was left in the dark.

Those Who Remain is a good horror experience in a genre filled by many similar games. It offers good story and interesting puzzles, and throws some decision making your way, but also suffers from many technical and design issues that prevent it from being good enough for all tastes.

Those Who Remain features an eerie atmosphere, inventive puzzles, and some moments of genuine tension via its shape-shifting world, but fussy controls, one-dimensional stealth, and a narrative that lacks cohesion prevent it from stepping completely out of the darkness and into the spotlight.

Those Who Remain is a puzzle game disguised as a survival horror. It fails to deliver a memorable and thrilling game experience and is based on an old game structure with very few interesting moments.

If you’re simply looking for some quick jump-scares, then Those Who Remain is an adequate choice, but there are likely dozens of games on Steam or that are better and less expensive than this.

With two different endings, Those Who Remain is worth playing through all the way at least once to find out how the story ends. But with so many issues, it’s hard to find the motivation to jump back in to reveal that second ending. There’s a small bit of horror and well-crafted atmosphere on offer, but it’s short lived – and there’s definitely better games to play in the genre. Maybe give it a miss, at least until the technical issues have been (hopefully) fixed.

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