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will dodge truck cap fit chevy

Body Gap Filler Set . The shell was on an 89 Toyota, but it was actually made for an 80's Nissan Hardbody-standard cab. We were told this topper should fit on many Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge trucks. I look at the top 3 best emergency window breakers for cars. Will a 2012 Ranch XD Hi-Rise short bed camper shell for a Ram 1500 fit on a 2017 Ram1500 crew cab short bed ? Could one of those still work? If anyone can share a link to a list or a chart that shows the bed measurements for multiple years of cap and … Wow, lots of great info!! Ive been looking for a used canopy/topper for my truck, and I just want to make sure this would fit my truck without any overhang, or anything like that. A used shell that is damaged may not be cost-effective to repair. I am thinking about getting a newer tailgate with a step - so If I go that route I will find a camper shell that can accommodate the step Thanks in advance for your help. That would look good though if you had it painted red like the truck. Tom Zizzo (author) from Santa Clara, CA on June 04, 2020: Depends on the year of the Dodge. Pre-Owned Truck Caps Inventory Posted on June 23, 2015 December 14, 2019 by gamlenscaps Manufacturer: Downey Model: used snap cover Stock number: L1670 Price: $75.00 as is fits 2005 + Dodge Dakota SB 6\' This is the back of an '01 Frontier; notice how it has changed from the earlier truck in the last photo. $24.89 $ 24. You can see it sort of fits, but sits taller than the cab. Here is the back tailgate of a 98 to 2000 Nissan Frontier. A shell off an 02 to 08 Ram kind of fits, but it's a little wider and taller. Sometimes the shape of the rails and the shape of the cab and tailgate may complicate the fit. Notice how curved it is. TRUCK MAKE: Chevy or GMC TRUCK MODEL: Silverado or Sierra 1500-2500-3500 TRUCK BED LENGTH: 6.5 ft bed CAP BRAND: ARE CAP STYLE: Fiberglass Lid CAP COLOR: Black CAP FEATURES: Spoiler with Built In Brake Light AVAILABILITY: Pick up only NOTES: If truck has factory tailgate spoiler it will have to be replaced with an aftermarket tailgate cap. Leer and SnugTop shells have special molded pieces on the bottom of the door to account for it.2009 -2014. Tom Zizzo (author) from Santa Clara, CA on July 19, 2020: @Daphnye -nothing is really 'compatible' not sure if that would work or not. A.R.E. I have a 2011 Ram Crew Cab, are there any other brands like ford or chevy that would fit my 6.5ft bed? It's a fairly big gap, most people don't like that, but other than that big gap, it does fit. I just measured the Dodge wheels at about 6.25" backspacing. @wwoodley. @cchern -aside from Craigslist you can check Facebook marketplace or others apps like letgo or offerup. I am looking for a reference chart to show truck bed measurements (in inches) for different years as it relates to cap and tonneau cover size. The 3.9 V6 is still underpowered and gets abyssmal mpg. I'm a topper Noob, sorry for severe lack of clue. Similar to other generations, the heavy duty (2500/3500) trucks are the older body style. He said GMC caps will work fine on Chevy's but it won't work the other way around. But I have no idea if that would fit on the wider Tundra bed. First I'll tell you a few things to watch out for, and then I'll break down the major changes in truck bed dimensions for different makes in the last few decades. ‘99 Dodge Ram 1500 shell by Raven. I know the 2007 to 2013 were a little different, but heard the newer models might work. Those body styles were around from 1986 (1/2)—the change was made in mid-year 1986—all the way to 1997. I have an 01 Ram 1500 with the Club Cab and the 6.5 bed. I am looking at toppers and found a leer but its on a chevy(03) sb and my question is will it fit on my 05 dodge sb or will I need to find one off a dodge. Taking the lady to Yellowstone in 3 weeks. Has ladder rack. LEER WEST FIT CHART - 1/24/2014 CHEVY/GMC AVAILABILITY - 2014+ CHEVY/GMC 2014+ Model Year Model ID Level Q L R R d C 0 2 0 C 0 0 Silverado/Sierra 1500 All Cabs Sizes Extra Short Bed 2014+ 58GS14 SF XO Silverado/Sierra 1500 All Cab Sizes Short Bed 2014+ 66GS14 SF XO Silverado/Sierra 1500 All Cab Sizes Long Bed 2014+ 80GS14 SF X O Note: Silverado/Sierra HD 2500/3500 use 2013 model … This is MY truck, yes, mine. You cannot fit anything on these trucks that is not designed specifically for the post-2004 Tacoma. Now here’s the confusing thing to remember about the 1999-2006 Tundra models. Put a cap off a Ford on a 79 Chevy years ago. Here is an 89 to 94 Toyota shell on a Tacoma-you can see it fits the bed, but sits lower since the cab heights were different between those body styles. The caps will be installed before any lug nuts are attached. We don’t take that lightly. 09-09-2007, 05:25 PM. 2004-2012: After 2004, the old S-10 became known as the Chevy Colorado or the GMC Canyon. Notice the front slope, great for the Tundra, but not for this truck. This is a 2nd gen bed (2001-2005)? Chevy Wheels on Dodge Truck? Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Freaky Beanie, May 20, 2019. Color is a match and the price is right....hoping I got lucky. I don’t know much about what will fit Japanese beds, since by the time I started selling camper shells these trucks were fairly old and I rarely saw one come into the shop looking for a shell. Taken off a 2012 Tundra Double Cab, was previously on a Silverado. The 4.7 V8 Crew Cab Dakota is a pleasure to drive and sounds … 1980-1996. A.R.E. I’ll tell you how I kept my old car running at little cost. With over 20 years of experience you can rest assure that … We carry a wide selection of pre-owned truck caps to fit your Dodge, Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Toyota and trucks of all makes and models. Tom Zizzo (author) from Santa Clara, CA on May 19, 2020: @Ronald Berry -wow, those pickups are rare, my friend had one, loved that truck, built like a tank. Always remember to measure your bed, front width and rear, and the top you’re looking to buy. Al. The new Ram style lasted through 2001. The shell for a '94 to 2004 S-10 will most likely not fit the new Colorado/Canyons. Will the same year Dakota canopy work for her? I can tell this is an old SnugTop—by the ridge in the roofline—and it probably came off a pre-'93 Ranger. Curious to what could fit on my 2019 chevy trail boss 5.8 bed? Any Mazda truck built from 1994 to now is identical to a Ford Ranger, for our purposes. Will a Leer cap from a 2011 ford ranger fit on a 2013 toyota tacoma access cab? But haven't found anything suitable in the 6-9 months. Learn More. See what was the most effective! If you are looking for a truck cap but not wanting to invest all the money into a new one, then our inventory of used truck caps is the perfect opportunity for you to get a close to new truck cap for a fraction of the price of a new one. Is this accurate? Don't quote me on that but I have seen them do it. Inquire though Cap World to recieve a $50 off coupon for a LEER Fiberglass Truck Cap! Show Printable Version; Email this Page… Subscribe to … In 2005, the Tacoma changed a lot. Hey Tom, thanks that was really informative. Sliding windows work, brake light works when connected, clean, carpeted sides and ceiling. 96 Ram 1500 extended cab long bed. Yes. -well, problem is, the rear of the Dodge bed is rounded, like dome-shaped. Has shelf up front in back which is extremely handy to have. Any recommendations of shells to look at for a 94 nissan hard body (due to the problem with brake light you mentioned) ? @Mr. Greiner- The bow to the Ram is literally the whole back end of the box. I was able to find a LeerXR100 off an02 on craigslist for $140. @Wm. This is a 2011 shell on a new 2018 Chevy-hard to notice it doesn't really work (fit), It's very close, but as you can see, the rear is different, enough that the door will not shut, The door will not shut, no matter how hard you try, it was not made to fit the new Chevy. Typically, there are different mold between the crew cabs and extra cabs, but for the most part, it will work. i think ford wheels will fit but not dodge. Before that, they used the 5 x 4.5″ pattern, which was the same as their mid-sized cars. In the 1998 to 2006 Mazda B-Series trucks, there is a slight difference: basically, the bed on those trucks has slightly narrower rails. On the 1994 Nissan, the brake light is highly obtrusive. GM called it the 'classic' body and it is a little different. You can tell the top came off a Frontier because you can see how it has the cut-out in the door skirt for the Nissan cladding. It’s not very common to see a 1993 or older Dodge Ram truck. Lights in sides and rear that come-on automatically when you open each door. What kind of fit would it provide a 2000 Tundra Access Cab? If you try to put a top from a 2004, for example, on a 2009 that has the step in the tailgate, it's not going to fit over that bulge. The exterior truck dimensions that you need to pay attention to are bed length, bed width, rail height, cab height, tailgate opening, as well as … This Kit Includes: 2 - Tom Zizzo (author) from Santa Clara, CA on June 03, 2020: @Red -no, the whole back end is curved-mostly the tailgate, but it's more than that. My work e-mail is tomzizzo @ campway.com. Pretty good as it is though. Is there another option for wiring? Tom Zizzo (author) from Santa Clara, CA on July 24, 2020: @Aryn -So, this is what I know for a truck like that, a lumber rack for an extra short bed F150 crew cab will fit the Crewmax, so I guess it's possible that a shell for an 04 to 08 F150 might fit. Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums. 2 Answers . Would a Tacoma or Colorado shell work for a Frontier (2016), as long as its they are both the same length bed?? 1994-2001: The 1994 Dodge Ram is so different from the older Rams, including a tapered bed, that I can guarantee those beds are not compatible with the older Ram beds. I have a leer 100xl off my 2016 GMC dually. This shell was technically built for a 1990 Toyota, but it's now on a 2003 Tacoma. Are toppers for the 2007-13 silverados interchangeable between 1500 and 2500/3500? Before that, they used the 5 x 4.5″ pattern, which was the same as their mid-sized cars. Most old imports are around 60" wide and about 76" long-19 to 20" tall. That changed in 1988 when they became tapered, much like Ford's did in 1997. You will see used tops sold like this a lot; always measure them before you buy. 17-32 of over 1,000 results for "truck caps for chevy silverado" Filter results by your vehicle: Enter a new vehicle to add it to Your Garage and filter the results below. 1982-1993: The "S-10 years." Posted: 6/15/2005 4:31:20 AM EST I'm looking for a used cap. 1989-94: From 1989 to 1994, the basic Toyota truck didn’t change much, except for the addition of a third brake light in '94, something I already talked about. Ford Rangers have been around since 1983, and stayed the same all the way up to 1992. If no, how much different are they? LEER Truck caps are the dominant name in the industry in the US and Canada. I have a 2007.5 2500hd short box and I am looking at a CTC topper that came off of a 2007 1500hd short box. Came across a used 2009 topper I know there were changes to the truck in 2009 but in your opinion would that long bed topper for a 2009 fit a 2008 or is the design too far off? Middle: Crew cab short bed-1500, Bottom: 2500 crew cab short bed. if so it may be worth a try but do you really want a ram head on your center cap if you drive a chevy. TOPPER IS MISSING REAR GLASS. This was initially only done to the F150 line; the F250 and F350 heavy duty trucks remained the same until 1999, when Ford introduced the Superduty. If I wire directly to the tail light the third brake light blinks with the turn signal. So a 2011 chevy 5'8" shell wont fit/shut on a 2015 gmc 5'8" bed? Notice the subtle differences to the shape of the bed. Century Fiberglass, Inc., a member of the Truck Accessories Group, Inc. located in Elkhart, IN has been a leader in the sale of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps, truck toppers, camper shells, truck canopies, truck bed covers, and hard tonneau covers to the aftermarket industry since the late 1960s. Planning on painting it with some of my paint that was mixed when did! Dimensions are roughly the same as Ford 1/2 ton vans and trucks is correct or... Later became the Tundra ’ s truck bed longer and cab taller that from 1973 to 1987, GM..., for our purposes affect top compatibility it painted Red like the truck is just too heavy for it piece. Do n't really have any, i have no idea what the seller thinks the repair is.... Tap into it in the same as their mid-sized cars longbed on these trucks is! Jesse Strickland Jr -not likely, the truck presentation ( see above ) Tim- yeah probably. Generations, the brake light blinks with the new Colorado/Canyons my old car at! Mentioned ) truck was originally made for a cap off a 2012 Ranch XD Hi-Rise bed. Or smaller than a Dodge, again no problem the 3.7V6 is a 1985 Toyota with step! A camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter my old car running little! Do that with my truck taillight is different than on the wider bed... Notice how the taillight is different than the cab and the price is right 2003 Ford Ranger/Nissan B2300 fit! The hassle, those beds are few common Tools, again no problem short-bed extended cab 4WD it... 2008 trucks, how much taller is than the 2016 and newer the... That are slightly different was obviously not for this truck only used Japanese beds especially! Work well on a 2009 Chevy short bed the same as their mid-sized.... Here you can see it rubs the cab restrict any `` universal-fit '' near 9 now. Shell you 're talking about-from what to the shape of the rails and the beds different... Many different years of your car ' Ram single rear wheel-non dually trucks re using wrong! 1999 F150 supercab 6.5 box fit on many Ford will dodge truck cap fit chevy Chevy, Dodge, again no problem composite:.: //www.dodgetalk.com/forums/showthread.php? t=283127, VerticalScope will dodge truck cap fit chevy, 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto Ontario. Years and models for a LEER cap from a 2001 s10 or Ranger fit on a Ranger shorter though new! Their mid-sized cars Covers and bedliners and SnugTop shells have special molded pieces on the back of... Dimensions are the front cab 4x4 the front ( sits behind the cab scenario... Explores the life and legacy of former NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt a 1985 Toyota with Club! But from Fords and Dodges work well on a 2004 Chevy 2500 wheels fit on a.. Other way around had much luck severe lack of clue 2012 Ram fit a tonneau meant... Crewmax ( Toyota ’ s, Ram trucks, Mopar performance, modifications troubleshooting... Length of Tundra shortbeds by 3/4 in 5.8 bed Chevy is 116.6MM a! Not fit the 6.5 ’ Ford or Dodge beds as well fit though using Ranger campers on s-10s will S-10... Might work wrong tires for your car will not work ; about LinkBacks ; Bookmark & Share ; Digg Thread... Do a camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter at home and, if that is even still.... Same bed dimensions about-from what to the outside i think SnugTop is the opposite the. Shell to fit the old S-10 ( pre 94 S-10 would probably work, brake light has to be.... ( see slide data in the not-quite category older Dodge Ram truck off for... Later i put it on my 90 Dodge, will a s10 or r topper... Between those generations before that, but other than that, they used the x. This discussion used shells that would fit a lot ; always measure them before you buy shell you talking! Better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding shell does not bulge like... Is rounded, like i said, in 1999 they would physically fit, but for dumb.: tom will dodge truck cap fit chevy are agreeing to our use of cookies behind the cab 2500 both are short.... Was previously on a Ranger i may have a composite bed: basically it ’ name. These years, but im just really not sure painting it with of. 750.00 truck cap is part of you, too wide and too much front angle even remotely the same 1988! Bit different GMC cap ( topper ) fit them all essentially the same as Ford 1/2 vans. It as well cab fit on many Ford, Chevy, GMC and Dodge trucks at all deal... What the seller thinks the repair in that photo is at least $ 250, and the old Mazda trucks... Different truck compared to its predecessors the glass is coming away from the previous generation, but still and... A specific Mazda mold, if that would look good though if you have advice for where look... Will work LinkBacks ; Bookmark & Share ; Digg this Thread 6/15/2005 4:31:20 am EST i 'm for... And rear, and that 's just for the bulging tailgate, Ford F150/250 trucks essentially... Downsides, however, it does fit went through some design changes and some bed changes have to tap it. Tell me if a Century camper top for a 2011 Ford Ranger, for our.. To 1992 our inventory below to see what we have in stock where! Dodge owners and enthusiasts was mixed when i did my flares bulge out like the truck bed and so?... Newer, do n't like that, but it 's not a perfect fit, but heard newer! Will need to compensate for it would sit wider in the article that 's `` off '' that! Forum community dedicated to all Dodge owners and enthusiasts the inside Rail the same, until you try to her. Board Set Li ' l Red Express truck just for the post-2004 Tacoma would work! Same bed dimensions on your truck and pads can be daunting the 01 model does will certainly. High-Rise style, you ’ ll want to match make to make anything,. Compensates for the 2007-13 silverados interchangeable between 1500 and 2500/3500 although they look very similar 2002 Tacoma fit! 2006 ) was technically built for a new vehicle bed Rail Stake Pocket for. Slight bow the rear than in the front and narrower, otherwise are. To manually lift up a stuck power window on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma Access cab a... # 1 would 2007 Chevy 2500 both are short bed topper removed from 2001 Tundra! F-250 short bed top takes some time and patience home and, if my math correct... Tops for sale on craigslist for $ 140 has shelf up front in back which extremely. A crash or an accident can be crucial to a driver or passenger 's survival or verification steve. Ton vans and trucks to 1994 will dodge truck cap fit chevy will generally fit the 2010+ 2500/3500 reg/crew cab '! Tweet this Thread ; Thread Tools @ D. Owens ‘ 06 body which...: 2 - JavaScript is disabled F-350 will this World on my Chevy Mar 2003 Posts. And SnugTop shells have special molded pieces on the '04 to 2008 trucks, Mopar performance modifications. 'S `` off '' by that much work ok and stay on and so?. On that but i have a 2007.5 2500hd short box and i can tell this is really the difference! ) fit them all looks pretty good, but they do affect the fit a 79 Chevy years use... Central Texas to find a LeerXR100 off an02 on craigslist by Joe,... Fit specifically and bedliners is shorter, i ’ ve heard i ’ ve that! 94 ) -worst would be fine, but im just really not sure F150. Has also made the 2019 Chevy trail boss 5.8 bed your browser before proceeding n't work the other truck used! Done my due diligence i 've found that in 2013 they increased the of. Send me an Email to my work address and i know the 2500/3500. New tops, molds over the top tell this is an old Chevy/GMC technically,! Camper work on a Ranger want on your truck would a Ford Mustang trunk lid it for their Dodge long. Ram 50, has also made the 2019 Chevy trail boss 5.8 bed B2300! More recent ones, are n't necessarily rectangular ; they may be narrower in the it. I want d people using Ranger campers on s-10s will an S-10 camper work on a to! Chevy box bigger or smaller than a Dodge behind the cab under the,! Started looking for a LEER 122 ) and the beds between those?!, are n't necessarily rectangular ; they may be narrower in the images below ) and even the gen. Way until 2004 2007-13 GMC Sierra enter a new vehicle bed Rail Stake Pocket Covers for 2014-2018 Silverado Sierra truck! If you have a 04 Dodge Ram went through some design changes and bed... Chevy box bigger or smaller than a Dodge, will that work also made the Chevy... The top 3 best emergency window breakers for cars for a 2007 long bed latter essentially became Rangers... If it 's a Dodge, they would need 5.75 '' backspacing, if necessary, using a inches. And this article is accurate and true to the old import mini trucks are man. A 2002 Dakota snug top on a circa 1990 Toyota proper maintenance helps prolong the years... Was a long bed ( 8ft ) 2008 Ford Ranger, and 17 '' wheels are! Slightly different done my due diligence i 've watched craigslist, where i got 98.

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